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These are just a few of the repair and maintenance services we provide:


  • Commercial ice machine and freezer repair
  • Restaurant refrigerator repair
  • Hot and cold side kitchen equipment
  • Commercial kitchen hood installation




The best way to keep your appliances running smoothly is to practice preventive maintenance. Many appliances fail because they are overused or misused by the consumer.




When it comes to repairing appliances, every device eventually reaches a point of diminishing returns. If it’s cheaper to fix an appliance than replace it, the smart money is usually on the fix. However, it doesn’t make sense to fix a device that is likely to break down again in the near future or become technologically obsolete.




Things to consider when deciding to repair or replace:

  • Age: Most appliances have an average life cycle.
  • Warranty: Replacement parts are expensive.
  • Price: Appliance repair starts adding up to half the cost of new appliance.

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